Wondering what it would be like to have a one-stop destination for all your career doubts? Look no further.

We are a team of driven and passionate students from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, dedicated towards making every single career doubt that bugs you, sorted. Your experiences are invaluable as there is probably someone out there who can greatly benefit from them. We simply facilitate the same.. because it’s always better when there’s someone for you, isn’t it?

Waysals is your go-to destination for best career related advices. It’s a platform where people share the insights about achieving their goals; journey and beyond, and like we mentioned before, we emphasise specially on the career related doubts. We aim at solving your problems in an uncomplicated and interactive way.

Waysals is a fun, engaging and dependable environment to discover more about yourself and explore the community around you. In short, ours is a social media platform that could be your guidebook where you can learn, counsel, improvise and inspire … everyday from the pioneers who inspire your vision.

We aspire to forge such a connection between you and the world , that people can prosper with each others’ support and go long way, hand in hand. So go ahead , join our family and reap the benefits right away.

Our Mission

Supported on the foundations of mutual cooperation and sharing, our mission is to create a one stop destination for career enquiries and to strengthen the bond between campus community and even its alumni by sharing stories, experiences and pearls of wisdom.

Our Vision

We will try to become world's largest community where people get the solution to any problem in real time and assist each other to create a better society! We're committed to serving our community by celebrating their experiences and inspiring the world through them.